FAQs For Partner Organizations

What is The Giving Hour?

The Giving Hour is a community connectivity engine designed to engage, inspire and better connect all of the outstanding and talented individuals in our community with the many mentorship opportunities available.

The goal of The Giving Hour is to engage individuals through their employers, favorite nonprofit, or other community membership organizations. The Giving Hour endeavors to unite and uplift the Memphis area by asking the question,

“What can an hour of someone’s time spent mentoring mean to the community?”

Who is eligible to join our mentorship network?

          Must have a strong desire to mentor others and see a change within our community.

          Organizations must be  exclusive only to the City of Memphis, Shelby County, and a few other border  counties.

          Partner organizations looking to join must be defined under the following:

           – Corporate

           – Non-profit

           – Mentorship

How do I partner my organization with The Giving Hour to use it as our community giveback platform and is it truly free?

          The Giving Hour is 100% free.You pay us and our Memphis community by simply providing mentors from your organization! 

          Give us a call or email thegivinghour@hro-partners.com so we can get to know you and your organization! In this consultation, we will discover your goals, reason for joining, and initiative structure. After the consultation, we will develop a strategy to implement your organization on our platform. We will send you our MOU’s for joining and a “Partner Application” to complete. You will need to send us your logo in PDF, PNG, or JPG format.

What can my organization track with The Giving Hour?

With consistently updated reporting, organizations will be able to track which employees are current mentors, how many hours of impact their employees have made, what organization each employee mentors for and much more. To obtain this reporting, you must contact thegivinghour@hro-partners.com

How long are partnerships?

There are no contract requirements to how long partners have to be a member of our network. We encourage all partners to keep The Giving Hour as at least a year round commitment!

Will company information be kept safe and confidential?

Yes, all application and tracking information we receive from your employees will be kept strictly confidential to The Giving Hour and the company’s program administrator.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to thegivinghour@hro-partners.com.