FAQs For Partner Organizations

What is the giving hour?

The Giving Hour is a community connectivity engine designed to engage, inspire and better connect all of the outstanding and talented individuals in our community with the many mentorship opportunities available.

The goal of The Giving Hour is to engage individuals through their employers, places of worship, favorite nonprofit, or other community membership organizations. The Giving Hour endeavors to unite and uplift the Memphis area by asking the question, “What can an hour of someone’s time spent mentoring mean to the community?”

Who is eligible to join our mentorship network?

• Must have a strong desire to mentor others and see a change within our community.
• Residents exclusive only to the City of Memphis, Shelby County, and a few other border counties.
• Partner organizations looking to join must be defined under the following:
- Corporate
- Faith Based
- Non-profit
- Mentorship
- Gov. and Education

Note: Age restrictions will occur for specific mentoring opportunities (ie. Youth professional development).

How do I join The Giving Hour?

1. Gather and express interest, then decide upon your internal and external goals of joining our mentorship network.
2. Fill out the online application.
3. Upon acceptance, use our online toolkits to kick start your program into our network.
4. Begin mentoring!

When and where will mentoring occur?

• Mentoring occurs at either the mentoring organization’s location or any prior-specified meeting area.
• The Giving Hours campaign begins February 1, 2017. After February 1, mentorships may start accepting applicants and begin their mentoring sessions.
• Though we hope to be able to have organizations begin mentoring as soon as February, organizations will decide their own acceptance criteria and mentoring seasons. Due to this, mentorships provided by each of our diverse partner organizations will begin at different time periods.

When will I know if my program is accepted into The Giving Hour’s network?

You will receive an acceptance email from thegivinghour@hro-partners.com notifying you of your acceptance and will be guided to the the toolkits on the website to set up your program.

Do members of my organization have to be subject matter experts to be a mentor?

Prior expertise in the subject matter of your mentoring program definitely helps. However, certain partners may provide training within the programs they want to mentor for. For more information on whether your organization provides mentoring training, contact the management there. Our toolkits will also have best practices in which members of the organizations can use to receive guidance on what mentoring methods will most successfully help them reach their protégés.

What are the time commitments for our mentors?

The Giving Hour’s goals are to make mentorships time commitments as flexible as possible for our partner organizations. We have an ask of a minimum of an hour of one’s time a month, however, organizations can freely choose what frequency they want to do it. Whether this be having mentors mentor two hours a week or 1 hour a month, options will always be flexible. Organizations must provide before accepting mentees their frequencies and time slots via the online software.

Will there be individual mentoring or team mentoring?

Mentors of your organization are encouraged to use teams of 3 mentors to actively mentor your selected protégés. We believe a team would provide a safer and more efficient mentoring experience for the protégés. Though we recommend having teams, we do understand certain mentoring opportunities will only require one mentor which will make that acceptable.

How will I communicate with my partner? Will we need to meet face-to-face?

Communication is accessible through the MentorMe software we provide, in person, via phone, e-mail, web meeting, or other form of communication.  Communications are at the expense of the participants.

Can I track my organizations mentor progress, their mentoring positions, and their frequencies?

Yes, through our software management of your organization will directly be able to access and track what hours your organizations members clock in. You will also be able to check what protégés your mentors are working with, how long they have been mentoring them, what progress has been made with the mentor, and what category of mentorship they are pursuing with the mentees.

How long are partnerships?

There are no contract requirements to how long partners have to be a member of our network.

Where can I find the documents and information I need during my Mentoring Program partnership?

All current Mentoring Program participants are given access to an account on our MentorMe software after joining. From The Giving Hour web page, you can navigate to the login where you will enter the software.  Here you will find important and helpful items such as toolkits, mentor trackers, mentor matching systems, and etc. You will also be able to perform mentor evaluations within this software as well.

Will the personal and professional information I share through the Mentoring Program be kept confidential?

Yes, all program applicants are required to sign a confidentiality statement at the time they apply. Finally, all participants should adhere to all applicable privacy policies and procedures instituted by their employers.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to thegivinghour@hro-partners.com.