FAQs For Mentors

What is the giving hour?

The Giving Hour is a community connectivity engine designed to engage, inspire and better connect all of the outstanding and talented individuals in our community with the many mentorship opportunities available.

The goal of The Giving Hour is to engage individuals through their employers, favorite nonprofit, or other community membership organizations. The Giving Hour endeavors to unite and uplift the Memphis area by asking the question, “What can an hour of someone’s time spent mentoring mean to the community?”

Who is eligible to join our mentorship network?

          Must have a strong desire to mentor others and see a change within our community.

          Organizations must be  exclusive only to the City of Memphis, Shelby County, and a few other border  counties.

          Partner organizations looking to join must be defined under the following:

           – Corporate

           – Non-profit

           – Mentorship

How do I join The Giving Hour?

1. Click “Click here to sign up” on the giving hour website.
2. Direct to our Volunteer Odyssey page and select what type of mentorship opportunity you want to participate in. If you do not know of        what opportunity you want to participate in, select “Match me with a mentorship” for us to match you with an organization.
3. Click on the green register button on the top right of the screen and complete the application.
4. Upon completing the application, wait a few days and and the organization you are matched with will reach out to you for next steps.

5. Begin Mentoring!

When and where will mentoring occur?

·      Mentoring occurs at either the mentoring organization’s designated location or any prior-specified meeting area.

·      Mentorship times will be provided by the mentor organization you are matched with. The duration and frequency you mentor a week will be based on the organization you match with and their requirements.

When will I know if when I have match with a program?

Your matched organization will reach out to you to give you the next steps of their process. Depending on the organization you match with, you may be required to do a background check and/or mentor training prior to your mentorship.

Do I have to be subject matter experts to be a mentor?

Absolutely NOT! Most of the mentorships in our network don’t require you to be an expert in anything and many will provide trainings prior to your mentorship. If you are an expert of a certain practice, let us know in your application. We will match you with an organization you could be the most help to. 

What are the time commitments to be a mentor?

The Giving Hour itself does not require any specific commitment besides giving an hour at least once a month (which all of our partners abide to). Time commitments will be based on the program you match with. Most programs will work with you on scheduling your mentoring sessions.

Will there be I be a part of a mentoring team or will I individually mentor a protégé?

This depends on the organization you match with. Some organization structure their mentorships to be very personal in a one-on-one setting while others will find you mentoring with multiple people to multiple protégés.  Find out what opportunities your program has by communicating with the program administrator.

How will I communicate with my protege? Will we need to meet face-to-face?

Communications will be available via phone, e-mail, web chat/video, or other any other form of communication you and your protégé may choose. You will meet face to face with your mentor at least once in all of our mentorships.

Do I have to mentor for an organization or can I mentor independently?
The Giving Hour is a referral network designed to increase the number of mentors in our community and provide a warm handoff of those mentors to their matched organizations. Therefore, independent mentoring would not be possible. We do, however, provide a matching service to provide the best mentoring organization suited for you.